Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Textile Jobs Coming To China Grove



I heard about this possibility about a week ago but waited until it was confirmed. Sustainable Textile Group LLC will run in the old HaynesBrand mill that will create 223 in two years and pay an average salary of over $29,000, benefits not included. Right now, any job is a good job and can help the local economy grow and that's 223 people who will be better off for having a job. No word yet on when you can apply or how to contact them but I would contact ESC if your interested and ask questions, networking is always a great idea.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Upcoming Job Fairs

Found these in the free employment papers, which I highly recommend for those of you to pick up looking for work or other forms of income(I may donate plasma which I saw advertised in there and can pay upwards of $50). Good luck to you all.

Charlotte Diversity & Professional Career Fair-Thursday, April 16
The Park(formerly known as Charlotte Merchandise Mart)
2500 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28205
10am-2:30pm in Freedom Hall
http://www.diversityhiringexpos.com/ for more details or call 704-333-7709 for directions

Putting America Back To Work-Tuesday, April 30
Holiday Inn-Charlotte-University Place
8520 University Exec Park, Charlotte, NC 28262
http://charlotte.employmentguide.com and click on Job Fairs for more details

Monday, March 16, 2009

AIG Uses Millions Of Your Tax Dollars To Pay Executive Bonuses


But hey, let's blame the workers right for wanting to make a decent wage and have a few nice things. It's obviously the unions getting health care and pay raises and not corporate greed that put us in this bind. I have never been one to complain when someone makes a profit but I will when that company is claiming losses and getting major government aid that will make my grand kids broke and living in poverty before they are born. Last time I checked, I never got rides in private jets and a share of millions in bonuses. Sorry, I will stop asking for help with doctor's bills that were mostly created by my work environment so I don't interfere with your bonuses.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Job Fair in Salisbury, NC

On Wednesday March 11th from 8am to 12 noon, the Salisbury campus of RCCC(Rowan-Cabarrus Community College) will host a job fair. My sister in law passed the word to me as she attends the school. I don't know a website as yet (if I find it, I will post an update) or what employers will be there but she says they will have 35-40 potential employers.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Theory On Paying For College As Told By The West Wing

I am a huge fan of this show and when I get a chance, I often watch reruns on Bravo or catch clips on YouTube. I could not help but want to post this one as someone who has a daughter in college and faced with the wonder of how I will help pay for it. I have been blessed for 10 years to have a job that I could afford it and now with her beginning her junior year in the fall, we will have to explore new options that may include me and her mother both being retrained. Anyway, here is one of my favorite clips from The West Wing.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Job Listing Focus-Coca Cola

I have decided that I may from time to time list a job that looks promising for people who may be interested. I am unsure of the pay rate but I just finished applying to this one myself and since I hope some of my co-workers may be reading this with manufacturing experience, this one is for you. I will copy the link below so that if your interested, you can apply as well as post the job description. Good luck to us all.


Manufacturing Operator III - 2nd shift (Charlotte)

Report It

Thirsty for a career?

Our company may not be the same as when J.B. Harrison first began delivering Coca-Cola back in 1902, but its dynamic, innovative culture lives on and keeps Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated a consistently dominating competitive force in the soft drink industry. Similar to the secret formula of the signature beverage we make, sell and deliver, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated provides several key ingredients that can allow you to enjoy a level of “career refreshment” and value unequaled in the industry.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated offers careers with unlimited possibilities, tailored benefits, enriching relationships, and career advancement.

Job Overview
Company: Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated
Location: US-NC-Charlotte
Base Pay: N/A
Employee Type: N/A
Industry: Manufacturing
Manages Others: Not Specified
Job Type: Manufacturing
Req'd Education: None
Req'd Experience: Not Specified
Req'd Travel: Not Specified
Relocation Covered: Not Specified

Contact: Not Available
Phone: Not Available
Email: Not Available
Fax: Not Available

Ref ID: 7621

Job Description

Operate, maintain and troubleshoot multiple pieces of production equipment in execution of daily production schedule according to the SOP for the Filler, Labeler and other “complex” production equipment.

Schedule: 2pm - 10:30pm. Overtime required based on production schedule. Holidays, weekends and overtime as needed.


Perform necessary pre-operation activities to ensure proper equipment start up and operation on multiple pieces of equipment.

Operate/Monitor multiple pieces of equipment during operation to ensure quality product and minimal unplanned stops.

Accurately and efficiently perform steps necessary to conduct flavor/package changes and proper shut-downs to minimize down-time wasted resources.

Communicate with team members and support teams to ensure continuous production of the correct product at high quality levels with minimal wasted time and materials.

Housekeeping and Sanitation.


Experience and proficiency as a Machine Operator preferred.

Previous experience in a high speed manufacturing environment is required.

Must have Intermediate mechanical skills.

Familiarity/Experience with up-stream and down-stream processes is preferred.

Competency in the operation/monitoring of two or more related and/or interdependent processes

Competency in monitoring and adjusting equipment speeds, pressures, & temperatures using simple tools as needed

Ability and experience in starting/stopping equipment

Ability and experience in Identifying and clear material jams

Ability and experience in Identifying and address (troubleshoot) complex process issues that can be resolved by adjusting speeds, pressures,& temperatures.

Ability and experience in operating equipment in “auto” and “manual/jog”

Ability and experience in making mechanical/pneumatic/hydraulic adjustments to “fine-tune” processes based on observations of equipment operation

Complex process understanding

Simple tool usage

Experience in reading and following written SOP’s (Standard operating Procedures) or instructions

Must be able to complete work requests and forms (handwritten and/or computer-based) to accurately document production/downtime.Follow verbal instructions

Should have Forklift Experience and skills

Strong math skills

Ability to lift 50 pounds

Ability to stand, walk, climb, bend and stoop throughout shift.

Ability to work in extreme temperatures and work in noisy conditions

Must be able to work weekends.
Job Requirements
Great Company. Great Jobs. Opportunity to Earn Great Rewards.

These words summarize our Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Our EVP is the embodiment of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated's dedication to its employees. It represents a compelling and differentiating promise designed to define the work experience at CCBCC and to communicate a comprehensive partnership between CCBCC and you. If you're interested in joining a company that takes this promise seriously, then you should consider joining our team!

Mayor Of Lansing, Michigan Discusses Automobile Manufacturing

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Other Upcoming Job Fairs

I found a listing for some upcoming job fairs in this morning's Charlotte Observer as well as another I found online myself that I will attend next month (and possibly a couple others as well). Here are the listings and as much information as you should need to plan accordingly. I would highly recommend checking out the websites before going to see what potential employers are listed to appear and if possible, research them and what you may look to do with their company. It is contended that you have about 30 seconds to sell yourself so do it wisely and don't just walk up and ask, "Are you hiring?", let them know what type of position you are looking for. Make sure you also take several copies of your resumes and only stop at tables of companies you would work for, they say recruiters think if they see you do this, you are lost and not as serious about their company. Also one other point, dress for success as there will be hundreds around you in suits. They say this shows motivation and makes you look polished. Those are just a few tips brought to you by your friends at the Charlotte Observer.

Tuesday- Greensboro Job Fair 9am-1pm Quality Inn Suites 7067 Albert Pick Road
website: www.employmentguide.com/jobfairdetails.html?JobfairID=2886

Saturday- Kannapolis Intimidators 10am-noon Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium conference room on 2nd level, Kannapolis Exit 63 Interstate 85
website: http://www.intimidatorsbaseball.com/

March 6- CPCC Career Fair (the one I have listed below as well) 10am-2:30pm Grady Cole Center 310 N. Kings Drive, Charlotte
website: www.cpcc.edu/career/fair

March 10- Catawba Valley Community College Job Fair 1pm-6pm Multipurpose Complex 2550 US 70 SE, Hickory.
website: www.cvcc.edu/Admissions/Student_Services/job_fair.cfm%20

March 26- Veteran's Job Fair 11am-3pm The Speedway Club at Lowe's Motor Speedway; preregistration through the website is required
website: http://www.recruitmilitary.com/

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Job Search To Consider

I was looking through some stuff when I remembered this link http://www.cityofkannapolis.com/employment_0.asp which shows job openings with the City of Kannapolis, NC. It reminded me to sometimes look at the government jobs because they are hiring, have great benefits and sometimes decent pay with little to no experience. Be sure to search out your local government offices for job listings and check out websites like USA Jobs (which I have a link to on the side of the page) for federal jobs as well.

President Obama Addresses Economy And New Bill Passage

I found this video on YouTube and thought some of you may like to view it for yourselves. President Obama discusses the tax cuts that will begin to take place April 1st and how it will impact the working families. He also discusses where he thinks we need to go next to help fix this problem. My personal opinion would be to take out the housing issues and job market in one bill if possible. We as a country must address some of the housing industry issues right now to prevent more foreclosures and also at the same time, help find ways to stimulate jobs so people can afford to pay their mortgages and other bills. The problem is that the longer it takes to get this done, the more damage will be done and more required to fix it. My hope is that by the time this tax cut is in effect, we have a bill in motion to help these issues and stop our country's bleeding.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama Looking to Work On Automotive Industry Next


I found the above article and thought some of you may like to read this. It does not offer possible solutions as yet but that he intends to discuss possible ways to restructure the American automotive industry. He believes major changes need to be made and I would have to agree.

I am not an economist nor do I play one on TV but here are some areas I would explore.

The most often discussed issue, tax breaks on those who purchase American made vehicles which I think also needs to be the first place to start. Maybe higher taxes on vehicles manufactured outside of it as well. I am not saying to make foreign vehicles unaffordable but most people buy Kia or Hyundai because they are so much cheaper then other cars and get as much if not more gas mileage then them as well. We need a more fair playing field if we are to survive.

Wages and benefits must be fair but the days of $30 an hour plus fully paid insurance are more then likely history. Unions and company executives must find a medium so that both sides can continue to profit and not suffer. Whether it is creativity such as bonus incentives either cash or otherwise (maybe a paid day off a month if you reach a certain target or paid dinner/gift certificates through a company who you can reach a fair deal with, etc), maybe topping pay lower then the average income but continue paid benefits, higher wages but pay a share of the benefits, etc. Both sides will have to work together to make the companies profitable as well as helping the employees earn enough to live a decent lifestyle. The problem is, for years there has been reason to have lack of trust on both sides and we must overcome that. You can't lay off workers and collect a $10 million bonus just because it is in your contract or you still reached some milestone. Many executives make a fair wage and I am not blaming them one bit for wanting to make as much as they can but you can't exploit the people who provide your product just so you can be richer and not care about the worker. How about everyone gets a bonus or nobody at all? Profit sharing also encourages employees to show up for work, put quality into the job they are doing and make them feel more like part of the company. I just find it so hard to believe that both white and blue collar workers can't function together for the good of the company's future and both sides be content.

We also must start recruiting the brilliant engineering minds of our future to help make these cars more fuel efficient and top of the line quality for lower prices. I know we have the talent pool in our high schools and colleges to explore alternatives fuels, aerodynamics, and other mechanical technologies to assist in this venture. Bill Gates made billions because he recruited using this model and the auto industry can as well. I know we have some great minds already working on this and we need to keep using the best to add variety to our thinking. For instance, I was told once that the WWE who uses writers to help with their shows, doesn't always look to hire the best minds for the business, sometimes they want a mix of people with different ideas to help come from different angles. American automakers need to be the best at what we do again and hire and recruit the best.

These are just some of my thoughts on what I think needs to be looked at to help rejuvenate the industry, so what do you think? If President Obama called you right now and asked what to do, what would you tell him? Let the automakers fail on their own as competition weeds out the weak? Have the government subsidize the whole industry to prevent the eventual disappearance of American automobiles? Place tariffs on more foreign made products and tax breaks on those made in this country along with other incentives to build here to counteract lower wages in other countries who do not have the human rights that we have and can use things we consider to be violations? Isn't the anger China might feel better then the impact the American people will feel when they are unable to work and living off government programs so that 50% of this country is basically sponsoring the other 50%? Time will tell but let's hope soon we get some answers American workers can handle and get this country back on it's feet.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Job Fair In Charlotte March 6


Found this item today in the Job Finder free paper, a job fair in Charlotte at the Grady Cole Center on Friday March 6, 2009 from 10am-2:30pm. You can click the link to find out more and here to find out who will be there http://www.cpcc.edu/career/studentsgrads/events/career/scheduled .

Professional dress is required, remember to bring many resumes if you attend any job fair and also be prepared to have a quick pitch to sell yourself to them. Judging by what I have seen recently, I would go early and be prepared for long lines because any job fair of late is drawing thousands due to the current economy. I am unsure yet if I will attend because of the turnouts lately and I have to be to work later that day but there is a very good possibility of it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buy American Provision In Stimulus Package

I found this article in the Salisbury Post about the Buy American provision sponsored by NC Rep. Larry Kissell within the recently signed stimulus package. It states that because of this, the textile industry will benefit as it is now required that military uniform be made in this country and the fabric that makes up TSA (Transportation Security Administration) be made in this country though the uniforms will still be made in Mexico and Honduras. It's a start that will keep some jobs here in the states, including North Carolina but we have to do more then this to save our jobs. I ripped the stimulus package for not helping to create jobs so in all fairness, when I saw this article, I had to point this out. I also should point out that President Obama has not ruled out another stimulus package in the near future which I am hoping will help create more jobs whether it be again, rescinding NAFTA or finding incentives to entice companies to produce products in the USA. Check out the article if you have time and also don't forget to write your representatives to tell them what you think about what is going on all around us.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Made Product Of The Week

In my attempt to promote and focus on American made items to generate or at least keep our fellow Americans employed so I can stop talking about job losses, here is my latest entry. This a company called Live Free PatriotWear that sell shirts and hats. Some are very patriotic while others are just plain or simple designs. Check it out if your interested by clicking below.

Two Separate Sign Of The Times

I was going through my daily routine today after I overslept to realize I missed a couple things I planned to attend and saw that one of my plans would have been more interesting then originally planned. For the past couple weeks, I had ready about a job fair that was being held in uptown Charlotte this morning and as it turns out, I was not alone. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/breaking/story/543251.html has a story on the people who lined up for jobs with headlining companies such as Time Warner Cable, Papa Johns Pizza, Sonic, staffing agencies, schools and even the US Army. This is the second job fair in two weeks I have seen get publicity for the huge number of people to show up and wait in line. I still kind of wish I had made it out there this morning even though those employers did not exactly appeal to me but very soon, I will have little choice and need to find work where I can find it just as all of these people are being forced to accept as well. Sorry for not posting information on that job fair but I plan to post more on them when I see them in the future as a separate area or a blog entry discussing who all will be there. I also highly encourage those out there looking for jobs to pick up those free papers like The Employment Guide and others to help you out as even though many are jobs you may not have initial interest in, you may get lucky or find out about more job fairs similar to this in the future.

Then I see this article http://money.aol.com/news/articles/jobs/_a/bbdp/smithfield-foods-cuts-jobs-closes-plants/345943 which talks about Smithfield Foods closing it's 6 factories down and cutting out 1,800 jobs. This will effect jobs in North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Nebraska and it's home area in Virginia. I truly hate posting items like this and can't wait until the day that I can post someone is hiring thousands on a regular basis. Of course, in order for that to happen, someone will have to either find a way to counteract NAFTA programs or incentive programs to encourage new businesses or businesses to return. Sorry but this battle is far from over and we are losing the war on the average household being able to work for a living. Please write your local representatives and papers to tell them how much we are suffering everyday that more people lose jobs. I have added job resources to this website as well as have listed the website to contact your politicians, even the White House and I can tell you from first hand experience, those letters are read and often times they will also respond. They are voted there by us and we need to ensure they are looking out for us or else we will find someone else who will.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

120 Jobs in Kernersville

120 New Jobs Coming to Forsyth County

This week Piedmont Aviation Component Services LLC, a provider of aircraft maintenance services and sales, announced plans to expand its operations in Kernersville. The company plans to invest $5.8 million and create 120 jobs this year by relocating sister company Limco from Oklahoma to North Carolina. The announcement was made possible in part by a $44,000 grant from the One North Carolina Fund.

Piedmont Aviation Component Services̢۪ roots stem from the 1940 creation of Piedmont Aviation in Winston-Salem, from which emerged Piedmont Airlines. North Carolina has a growing aerospace sector, and Governor Perdue is excited to work with a homegrown company like Piedmont.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anyone Else Miss These Days?

Stimulus Stimulates Infrastructure More Then Real Jobs



I found the two articles above to compare how the new stimulus package will impact Syracuse, NY and Charlotte, NC, both areas hit hard by severe job losses in recent years as manufacturing jobs leave our country for cheaper, unregulated labor. Unfortunately for those looking for work, this will not help you much and will not provide nearly enough jobs to help stimulate the economy. So we have a few more construction jobs, highway crews and maybe some who want jobs researching alternate energies but what about for those of us who college is little or no option and simply just want a job to pay our bills?

How could you pass $787 billion dollars that will have to be paid back when you provided few jobs to help generate taxable income needed to pay it back? Yes, I think our schools need help and teachers should be millionaires before athletes are (and this from a huge sport fan) and we need more schools/programs to help prepare our kids for the future. I also think for those who are unemployed and faced with paying for Cobra insurance, that was a no brainer to assist with that because how do you ask an unemployed family to pay $1500 a month for insurance when many will barely make that in unemployment? If you bring jobs that have left the US such as the manufacturing industry back to the US and use the money to entice them through tax breaks/bonuses based on the amount of jobs they produce, maybe we would be in better shape. I also think killing the "Buy American" incentives was wrong in so many ways and those like Sen. McCain who likened this to protectionist trade policy and saying we will make enemies of other countries need a reality check into the everyday people and their lives surrounding them who live in poverty and those who are headed there in the near future.

I remember hearing President Obama urging for this to pass quickly as many Americans are suffering but tax breaks are not much help when people have no jobs to pay taxes, $25 extra in unemployment and a check for $250 to social security recipients will help little long term and NOT create new jobs, only help get a few more people a little bit more at the grocery store. Please someone explain to me why I will now have bill collectors calling my house for their money I owe them that I rightfully just want to work to earn as opposed to cheering because there were so many more jobs stimulated due to this bill.

Oh and for the record, college is little to no option to me. The simple solution of "everyone just go to college" does not work for everyone of us because it is not as simple as it sounds. That will help some and I gladly applaud those who it will help but there are provisions and many factors that blanket statements do not identify. And have some considered the possibility that just maybe some of us tried college and were not suited for it? That does not mean everyone who is not a good student should work 2-3 jobs earning minimum wage should have to accept that as a viable option to feed their families. For the record, my IQ level is not that low but I am a horrible student (and those who read the book I had published can tell you how much I learned after all those years of grammar and English classes). Uncle Sam paid me good money through the GI Bill after my 4 years in the Army (which was started after I tried a couple semesters of college by the way and failed miserably) and it turned out to be a waste of good money and every one's time as no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to succeed. Besides, many of the programs I would have interest in, generate little income and are not endorsed by the TAA program.

I am not out to bash President Obama as many are or were when President Bush was in office with him, I simply don't see any incentive for me to be excited by a bill that my kid's kids will be forced to pay back while their father works multiple jobs to try and stay alive. Heck, my most promising option seems to be to return to the military and for the record, I was not very good at that either. Please, bring back my job and those jobs of my family, my friend, my neighbors and my fellow citizens so we can go back to working hard and generate the taxes we need to survive as well as pay our mortgages. Keep your handouts to yourselves as it's very well documented many in Washington love to do, I want to work for my weekends (and if I have to, occasionally on them). We all complain about working for a living sometimes but that is nothing compared to the magnitude of the impact we will feel when the jobs are gone and nothing is done to help them stay here. I am sorry if Canada and China will be upset and I know free trade brings cheaper goods but bringing back jobs, tax breaks for those who buy American goods and tax breaks to companies who employ workers by the hundreds or thousands will do more then improving infrastructure. After all, who will visit these new buildings, drive these new streets, and ride the rail systems when people can't afford to travel such roads? And who will pay for it all when there are not enough jobs to stimulate taxes and crime rates accelerate as poverty tempts those with good intentions to find short cuts to survive? I pray we will soon find real answers but from what I have seen, this package will help too little and too late. Repeal NAFTA and programs similar to it and lets start giving incentives for businesses to produce jobs in our great country once again.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Could We See More Business Like This Soon?

I found this video on syracuse.com about a business that takes computers and repairs them for redistribution. With the economy the way it is, you have to wonder how many more business will start refurbishing products to make a living and give people jobs. In one year, with our economy falling, this company has continues to get contracts and expand. This is a company based out of Liverpool, NY and you have to wonder what else we have out there that could lead to jobs using such a business model? Television? Furniture? Vehicles? Think about it, you get paid to repair them and people can buy them for less so both sides are happy as long as the work is usable quality.

Progress 2009: Revonate Manufacturing of Liverpool

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Boss Records The Soundtrack Of Our Current Lives

Thanks to Sean Kirst at syracuse.com (which you can find his original post here http://www.syracuse.com/kirst/index.ssf/2009/02/new_process_gear_18882009.html ) for this reminder of how much this song resembles the situation we are facing right now in our current economy. A decade ago, the job market in our southern states was abundant as many left the northern states and people followed. Now these jobs are heading even further south (out of this country) in many cases and just plain out of this country and many of your representatives, including former presidential candidate John McCain are against Buy American campaigns. They have already decreased the effect originally intent in the bill and many wish there were none at all included. Check out this video if your interested in hearing both sides of this debate: http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=1020086401. Here is Bruce singing the words that are already taking place and could be more prevelant as time and this recession continues.

New Jobs Coming To North Carolina Research Campus

The following is a link to an article by the Salisbury Post in Salisbury, North Carolina about the stimulus package and the roll it will play in adding jobs at the new North Carolina Research Campus facility in Kannapolis, North Carolina. If your looking for a field to get into and science is something your interested in, maybe this will help influence you one way or another. Of course, that all depends on what ends up being the finished product when this is finally passed.


Proof Of The Impact Of Job Loss In A Community

I found this video of people commenting as New Process Gear in Syracuse, NY is faced with closing as the workers voted down the new proposal by the company. Keep in mind those who think NPG workers hurt themselves by voting this down, they just signed a contract last year to take a pay cut and now the company asked them to go deeper. And for the record, the company even told them before the vote that this may not be enough to secure the plant's future in Dewitt and voters decided that it was better to max out on unemployment now as opposed to the with the pay cut, if Magna still closed it down, they would also lose more in unemployment. Many have speculated that Magna have been wanting a way out of the area anywhere and go somewhere they can pay lower wages so for many, the writing has been on the wall for years now. I have a friend I grew up with who left NPG and for the record, I honestly considered moving back at one point around 2002 or so and try to get a job with the company myself so that may be why I am concentrating on this place so much as a symbol of our manufacturing future. Soon, more small businesses will suffer like these and be forced to close down as people do not have disposable income and are forced to start looking at ways to survive by cutting down ways to spend money whether it be cutting their own hair (or not at all), discounted food at the grocery stores or buying/selling used products.

New Process Gear shutdown

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Focus On America Product Of The Week


I want to do positive stuff on this site too so I hope to feature an American made product every week. So for my first choice, I picked City Boxers because this is a site that offers variety and an American made product. I could explain why I chose them but why not let their own words speak for themselves. Here is a quote directly from their website:

At City Boxers you are in charge. You choose how you want your boxers made. With tens of thousands of possible choice combinations, I sure hope you like choice as much as I do.
Choice is great, but, this is not what we are known for. Our boxers shorts are extraordinarily well made and more comfortable than anything you will ever wear. If you are a confirmed boxer short wearer, don't miss out on this opportunity to try the best! If, on the other hand, you are contemplating a switch to boxer shorts, our boxers will give you the best possible impression of boxer shorts.

So I hope you take the time and check them out here http://cityboxers.com/ and other American products to help promote jobs in our country.

Time Warner Cable To Lay Off 1,250

Courtesy of the Charlotte Observer website:

PHILADELPHIA Time Warner Cable Inc. says it is laying off 1,250 people over the next few weeks in the face of slowing growth at the nation's second largest cable operator.

The New York-based company expects to save $90 million a year from the job cuts.

The layoffs are in addition to the 500 jobs lost last year as the company restructured into six regions from about 24.

Earlier Wednesday, Time Warner Cable reported a net loss of $8.16 billion, or $8.36 cents per share, in the fourth quarter including a $14.82 billion charge to write-down the value of cable franchise rights and a loss of $13 million on the sale of cable systems.
It earned $327 million, or 33 cents per share, a year earlier.
Revenue rose 8 percent to $4.4 billion.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Found Two Articles In Hickory Record About More Job Losses

I found these articles on the website of the Hickory Record in Hickory, NC today for you to read.

This one is a discussion about the recession and some more jobs that will be effected by it.

This article talks about Corning Cable Systems closing a Hickory plant. There is no estimate as to how many jobs will be lost but any job lost in this economy is not a good thing.

White House Estimates 800,000 New Jobs For Eastern States

White House estimates 800,000 new jobs for Eastern states
by The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House says its economic stimulus plan would create more than 800,000 new jobs in 10 Eastern states.

The new estimates were released Tuesday by the Obama administration as talks continue in Congress over the recovery plan.

New York leads the way with 228,000 projected jobs, followed by Pennsylvania with 152,000 and Ohio with 142,000.

The administration says 106,000 jobs would be created in New Jersey, followed by Massachusetts with 83,000 and Connecticut with 44,000. New Hampshire would see 17,000, Maine would see 16,000 and Rhode Island would get 13,000. Finally, 8,000 new jobs are projected for Vermont.

Republicans are resisting the bill. They say it includes wasteful spending and won't do enough to spur job creation.

Be Careful When Applying For Jobs

WBTV 3 in Charlotte had this report about a company who was looking to hire workers to sell a card that would get you into concerts, a credit card of sorts with free concerts as an incentive to purchase it. Turns out, the man behind it has a history of making bad business decisions, Cleveland County would not support him and what was supposed to start already has been cancelled. You can't blame people for applying for a job that could put food on their tables and pay their bills but please be cautious and research the company before you apply. In times like this, there are people out there looking to take advantage of you and I don't know the guy behind this from the guy I pass in the aisles of the store but this does not sound good for those who had high hopes of getting a job.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Will The Current Stimulus Package Help You?

Here are the details below for your reading on how the current stimulus package proposed by President Obama and already passed by the House of Representatives will break down. That is, for right now as long as the US Senate does not load it with more pork as it goes through there. So after seeing this, what do you think of the current plan and will it help us and our economy?


Macy's Cuts Out 7000 Jobs

Found this article courtesy of the AP and the Charlotte Observer's website. This is exactly my point, this will impact more then just the manufacturing community, it is everyone's job because when people don't make money, they can't spend money. My sympathies go out to those being let go and I hope we can make some positive changes soon.


Freightliner Jobs Leaving North Carolina For Mexico

The following is an article from the Gaston Gazette about the impact of jobs leaving Gastonia and Mount Holly, North Carolina and heading south to Mexico. I was told by a family member the other day that traveling to these plants in Mexico is like seeing our manufacturing history with many top name business all lined up with their plants down there producing products American workers once gave us. Please read this if you have not done so yet.


Another Example Of What Can Happen To Our Jobs

Not all jobs are overseas yet but here is an example of one that is here right now and about to leave due to offering unreasonable solutions to the workers and their union after they just voted last year to reduce their pay to keep jobs and many have already been laid off over the past couple years or took buyouts to leave. This is brought to us from WTVH 5 News in Syracuse, NY.

New contract details revealed to New Process Gear employees

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Welcome To My Latest Brain Child

I am tired of watching jobs either being moved to other countries or in some cases, offered lower then livable wages in order to keep their jobs. My intention is to not save the world but educate and inform anyone who wants to listen how we can help change things in this country to make a better life for us all. I will try to update this blog with updates on issues that are relevant to what is going on whether it's positive or negative but I would love to try and post more positives when I see them. I will have links to websites that I think can help as well.

Before you blame me saying it's my fault because I am uneducated or excuse it because other people in other countries need jobs too, realize many of the unemployed do include people with college degrees and my job helps the local economy in many ways. For instance, I can't spend money in local businesses if I am not making money which means when many like me are without jobs, that business will be forced to close as well. Make no mistake about it, this impacts everyone whether you have felt yet or not.

I don't have a degree but I spent four years in the Army before leaving with an honorable discharge and finding work. I like being able to work and earn a living for my family even if it means long hours and leaving sore because I have pride in my work. I don't need to be rich but I like being able to pay for my daughter to go to college, my son to have school clothes and all of us to have a roof over our heads, food and some nice things occasionally. Together whether it's writing our politicians and newspapers or whatever it takes, I think we can make a difference for our futures.