Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Separate Sign Of The Times

I was going through my daily routine today after I overslept to realize I missed a couple things I planned to attend and saw that one of my plans would have been more interesting then originally planned. For the past couple weeks, I had ready about a job fair that was being held in uptown Charlotte this morning and as it turns out, I was not alone. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/breaking/story/543251.html has a story on the people who lined up for jobs with headlining companies such as Time Warner Cable, Papa Johns Pizza, Sonic, staffing agencies, schools and even the US Army. This is the second job fair in two weeks I have seen get publicity for the huge number of people to show up and wait in line. I still kind of wish I had made it out there this morning even though those employers did not exactly appeal to me but very soon, I will have little choice and need to find work where I can find it just as all of these people are being forced to accept as well. Sorry for not posting information on that job fair but I plan to post more on them when I see them in the future as a separate area or a blog entry discussing who all will be there. I also highly encourage those out there looking for jobs to pick up those free papers like The Employment Guide and others to help you out as even though many are jobs you may not have initial interest in, you may get lucky or find out about more job fairs similar to this in the future.

Then I see this article http://money.aol.com/news/articles/jobs/_a/bbdp/smithfield-foods-cuts-jobs-closes-plants/345943 which talks about Smithfield Foods closing it's 6 factories down and cutting out 1,800 jobs. This will effect jobs in North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Nebraska and it's home area in Virginia. I truly hate posting items like this and can't wait until the day that I can post someone is hiring thousands on a regular basis. Of course, in order for that to happen, someone will have to either find a way to counteract NAFTA programs or incentive programs to encourage new businesses or businesses to return. Sorry but this battle is far from over and we are losing the war on the average household being able to work for a living. Please write your local representatives and papers to tell them how much we are suffering everyday that more people lose jobs. I have added job resources to this website as well as have listed the website to contact your politicians, even the White House and I can tell you from first hand experience, those letters are read and often times they will also respond. They are voted there by us and we need to ensure they are looking out for us or else we will find someone else who will.

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