Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buy American Provision In Stimulus Package

I found this article in the Salisbury Post about the Buy American provision sponsored by NC Rep. Larry Kissell within the recently signed stimulus package. It states that because of this, the textile industry will benefit as it is now required that military uniform be made in this country and the fabric that makes up TSA (Transportation Security Administration) be made in this country though the uniforms will still be made in Mexico and Honduras. It's a start that will keep some jobs here in the states, including North Carolina but we have to do more then this to save our jobs. I ripped the stimulus package for not helping to create jobs so in all fairness, when I saw this article, I had to point this out. I also should point out that President Obama has not ruled out another stimulus package in the near future which I am hoping will help create more jobs whether it be again, rescinding NAFTA or finding incentives to entice companies to produce products in the USA. Check out the article if you have time and also don't forget to write your representatives to tell them what you think about what is going on all around us.

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